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What are the advantages of triangle belts? Are there any disadvantages?

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The core of the triangle belt is mostly made of cord core, and a small part is made of cord core. Since these two core structures are fiber twisted or woven, they will shear each other during the operation of the triangle belt, resulting in gradual breakage and elongation of the core. It is the most original transmission mode, which is to use the surplus on both sides of the belt wheel and the belt to produce the transmission effect. The transmission effect of this triangle belt is not very ideal, and the force is easy to lose. Therefore, this triangle belt can only be used in low-load transmission.


Two:the advantages of triangle belt

1, simple structure, manufacturing, installation accuracy requirements are not high, easy to use and maintenance, suitable for two axis center distance larger occasions;

2, smooth transmission, low noise, buffer suction;

3. When overloaded, the drive belt will slip on the pulley, which can prevent damage to weak parts and play a safety protection role.

Three: the shortcomings of the triangle belt

1, can not guarantee accurate transmission ratio;

2, the outer size is large, low transmission efficiency.


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