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  • [Belt news] Working Process Analysis of The V-belt Drive
    Preventive MaintenanceImplementing a preventive maintenance program, including proper installation of V-Belt drives, tensioning procedures and best practices, will increase productivity, reduce downtime and yield the added benefit of improved workplace safety.
  • [Belt news] Transmission Belt Development
    Transmission Belts are widely used in modern mechanical transmission. The structure is simple, the transmission is stable, it can buffer and absorb vibration, can transmit power between large shaft spacing and multiple shafts, and has the characteristics of low cost, no lubrication, and easy maintenance. In addition to transmitting power, it is sometimes used to transport materials. , Carry out the alignment of parts, etc.
  • [Belt news] What are the advantages of triangle belts? Are there any disadvantages?
    The core of the triangle belt is mostly made of cord core, and a small part is made of cord core. Since these two core structures are fiber twisted or woven, they will shear each other during the operation of the triangle belt, resulting in gradual breakage and elongation of the core.
  • [Belt news] V-belt: What To Know
    V-belts and wedge belts are commonly used in industrial applications and automotive repair. Their names describe the type of belt, and when the belts themselves intersect; they form a V-shape or wedge. v-belts are very popular because they are an excellent low-cost, quiet and efficient way to transf
  • [Belt news] Synchronous Belts vs V-Belts
    There are two major types of power transmission drive belts. They come in many different sizes and constructions but can be broken down into these two groups.
  • [Belt news] How To Measure The V Belt Length?
    The belt pitch length is normally the length at the belt pitch line. This line is generally located at the neutral axis near the cord line and varies with cross section and construction. The pitch of the belt and sheave is actually a theoretical point that relates to the more accurate, reliable, and useable effective diameter and effective length.
  • [Belt news] Belt news
    What are the reasons for the break of the ordinary triangle belt?1. After the belt core is used for a long time, the structure is destroyed.2. The belt has poor resistance to stretching;