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Belt news

  • [Belt news] Automotive timing belt classification
    An automotive timing belt is a belt drive used in an automotive engine accessory system for accurate power transmission and stable running performance. This article will introduce the classification of automotive timing belts in detail, including classification by material, shape, function and usage
  • [Belt news] Differences in three materials of NR CR EPDM for automotive multi wedge belts
    The automotive multi wedge belts made of these materials have their own characteristics and advantages and disadvantages. The following are their main differences:Neoprene: Chloroprene (i.e. 2-chloro-1,3-butadiene) is the main raw material α- Synthetic rubber produced by polymerization. Neoprene is
  • [Belt news] How to maintain the automotive multi wedge belt
    The automotive multi wedge belt is a very important automotive component, mainly used for power transmission between the engine and transmission. Due to its special function, the multi wedge belt needs timely maintenance and replacement to ensure the normal operation of the car. This article will in
  • [Belt news] Is a regular wrap V-belt the same as a regular V-belt?
    Ordinary fabric V-belts are a type of conveyor belt widely used in mechanical and industrial transportation. Some people may ask, 'I know that ordinary V-belts are only two words wrong, are they the same thing?'? To be honest, I also had this question when I first heard it. Next, let's answer everyo
  • [Belt news] How to maintain the triangular belt in hot weather?
    The triangular belt on agricultural machinery is a vulnerable component that needs to be well maintained during use, especially in the summer when high temperatures continue. If maintenance is not done properly, it is easy to damage the triangular belt. Below, we will introduce how to maintain the t
  • [Belt news] Why are synchronous belt belts widely used?
    There are various types of mechanical equipment on the market, and there are various types of mechanical equipment in the production and manufacturing industry. Many equipment have transmission mechanisms, and synchronous belt belts are used for transmission. The application of this transmission dev
  • [Belt news] What's wrong with the loud noise during the operation of the V-belt?
    Triangle belts are transmission equipment commonly used in agricultural machinery, such as wheat harvesters, rice harvesters, corn harvesters, and other machinery commonly used in rural areas. What happens when there is a loud noise during use?
  • [Belt news] How are the inner and outer diameters of the V-belt represented?
    Triangle belts come in different specifications and models, and the inner and outer diameters of different specifications of triangular belt products are also different. Next, let's talk about how the inner and outer diameters of triangular belts are represented.LI: Inner diameter, LD LW LP refers t
  • [Belt news] What are the classifications of triangular V-belts?
    Triangle belts can be classified according to their specifications into ordinary V-belts and narrow V-beltsThe ordinary V-shaped triangular belt is divided into seven levels: Y, Z, A, B, C, D, and E.Narrow V-belts are divided into ordinary narrow V-belts and strong narrow V-belts.Strong narrow V wit
  • [Belt news] Characteristics of triangular V-belts made of different materials
    Ordinary rubber triangular V-belts are generally composed of a covering layer, an extension layer (top glue), a strength layer (tensile layer), and a compression layer (bottom glue). The selected model should be compatible with the selected triangular V-belt, otherwise the triangular V-belt may expe
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