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Belt news

  • [Belt news] Working Process Analysis of The V-belt Drive
    Preventive MaintenanceImplementing a preventive maintenance program, including proper installation of V-Belt drives, tensioning procedures and best practices, will increase productivity, reduce downtime and yield the added benefit of improved workplace safety.
  • [Belt news] Common Faults And Cause Analysis of Pk Belt
    Multi-wedge belt in the use of the process will encounter some problems, for professional people, these problems are solved, and for non-professionals, this is very distressed, next, boshuo rubber for you to talk about the problem and the corresponding solution!
  • [Belt news] How to Choose the Rubber Belt?
    Today the rubber belt factory will introduce the matters need attention when you choose the rubber belt for your machine.1. The necessary manufacturing qualities for high-quality rubber belt?A. Upward durability (high durability rubber)Question:The use environment of the rubber track is quite harsh.
  • [Belt news] Transmission Belt Development
    Transmission Belts are widely used in modern mechanical transmission. The structure is simple, the transmission is stable, it can buffer and absorb vibration, can transmit power between large shaft spacing and multiple shafts, and has the characteristics of low cost, no lubrication, and easy maintenance. In addition to transmitting power, it is sometimes used to transport materials. , Carry out the alignment of parts, etc.
  • [Belt news] Method of Detecting The Temperature of The Triangle Belt to Ensure The Safe Operation of The Equipment
    Many important equipment in the cement plant are driven by V-Belts, such as Roots blowers and Fuller pumps. Due to the continuity of the production process of the new dry cement production line, higher requirements are also put forward for the continuous and stable operation of mechanical equipment,
  • [Belt news] How to Store The Triangle Belt?
    After the autumn harvest season is over, whether it is the operator or the V-belt supplier, there may be such a problem: How to store my spare V-belt or inventory V-belt? The Agricultural Belt Supplier will tell you how to store the triangular belt today.1.Dry and cool environment, avoid sunlight.
  • [Belt news] What Is a Serpentine Belt?
    The serpentine belt is a long rubber belt that delivers power to the engine accessories: alternators, power steering pumps, air conditioning compressors, and water pumps. You may have heard of serpentine belts called fan belts or accessory belts. This is because vehicles in the past had multiple belts connected to the engine and accessories (such as radiator fans).
  • [Belt news] How To Identify V-Belt Types
    A V-belt is a wedge-shaped belt manufactured out a rubber compound, reinforced with a tensile cord specifically engineered to transmit power into movement. V-belts can be found in driving mechanisms, such as engines in air compressors, fans, and pumps. They are available in a variety of sizes and materials to meet the needs of particular applications.
  • [Belt news] Installation, Tensioning and Maintenance of V-belts
    Implementing a preventive maintenance program, including proper belt drive installation, tensioning procedures and best practices, will increase productivity, reduce downtime and yield the added benefit of improved workplace safety.
  • [Belt news] How to Extend The Service Life of Industrial Belts
    With the deepening of industrialization and intelligence, industrial v-belts as the main parts of machinery are being paid more and more attention to, and the use efficiency and life of industrial belts are becoming a link that cannot be ignored. Then how can we extend the service life of industrial belts?
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