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  • [Belt news] What are the classifications of triangular V-belts?

    Triangle belts can be classified according to their specifications into ordinary V-belts and narrow V-beltsThe ordinary V-shaped triangular belt is divided into seven levels: Y, Z, A, B, C, D, and E.Narrow V-belts are divided into ordinary narrow V-belts and strong narrow V-belts.Strong narrow V wit

  • [Belt news] Characteristics of triangular V-belts made of different materials

    Ordinary rubber triangular V-belts are generally composed of a covering layer, an extension layer (top glue), a strength layer (tensile layer), and a compression layer (bottom glue). The selected model should be compatible with the selected triangular V-belt, otherwise the triangular V-belt may expe

  • [Belt news] Working principle of toothed belt

    We all know that toothed belts are different from other belts in that they are toothed belts, and the working surface of synchronous toothed belts and the rim surface of pulleys are corresponding toothed shapes. The belt and meshing belt transmission mostly use thin steel wire ropes as the strong la

  • [Belt news] Development and Application of Automobile Timing belt Technology

    In recent years, due to climate issues, environmental protection awareness has penetrated into the automotive manufacturing industry, and energy conservation, emissions, and noise are important considerations for the development of the automotive industry. How to effectively improve fuel utilization

  • [Belt news] Maintenance methods and use knowledge of Timing belt

    In daily life, when it comes to maintenance, I believe all consumers are familiar with it because it can provide better results in real life, especially when using mechanical equipment. What is the importance of maintenance for synchronous belt?We also know that many users in the current market tend

  • [Belt news] What are the advantages and disadvantages of each toothed belt and V-belt?

    The working surface of the toothed belt is made into a toothed shape, usually using a thin steel wire rope as a strong layer, and covered with polyvinyl chloride or chloroprene rubber outside. The centerline of the strong layer is designated as the nodal line of the strip, and the circumference of

  • [Belt news] Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of triangular belts

    With the continuous improvement of technological level and the advent of the era of mechanization, enterprises have replaced manual production with mechanization in order to save costs, thereby driving the development of the transmission industry.Transmission refers to the transmission of power betw

  • [Belt news] Regular inspection of car belt maintenance is crucial

    There are definitions for automotive engine belt wear and aging prevention in automotive maintenance. It is rare to have a single belt at the front end of the definition machine, and each belt bears the primary result.On the proposed machine, various auxiliary machines are driven through belt drives

  • [Belt news] Automotive Knowledge Sharing - Transmission Belt

    We can easily see many transmission belts under the hood. As more and more equipment and systems are added to cars, belt systems have become very common in the modern automotive industry. But why do we need those belts? These belts are designed to use engine crank power to operate different engine s

  • [Belt news] The Function and Inspection of Automobile Transmission Belt

    The automotive transmission belt is a power transmission component of a car, which is an important component connecting the power and the motor parts of the car. It can be said that without it, the car cannot move. With the widespread application of automobiles

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