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V-belt: What To Know

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V-belts and wedge belts are commonly used in industrial applications and automotive repair. Their names describe the type of belt, and when the belts themselves intersect; they form a V-shape or wedge. v-belts are very popular because they are an excellent low-cost, quiet and efficient way to transfer power. However, not all V-Belts are created equal, and some are better at getting you closer to your end goal. The variety of V-belts available include: toothed, burr, wound and ribbon V-belts - two or more V-belts joined together to form a single belt that provides additional strength for the same length because all belts are identical.

Timing belts, also known as V-belts, are the latest concept in the development of power transmission belts. These belts combine the benefits of chains and gears with the advantages of V-belts, but without the limitations that typically exist with these traditional types of transmissions.


Serpentine belts, sometimes called Poly-V belts, are single loop belts with longitudinal V-ribs that fit perfectly into the V-grooves in the pulley. They combine the convenience of a thin, one-piece flat belt with the powerful gripping traction of multiple V-belts, making Poly-V belts far superior to either in many applications. Interestingly, timing belts were introduced to replace the use of timing chains, which are very durable but slightly outdated. Double-sided timing belts can also be purchased, which guarantee all the precision of a fast drive.

V-belts Suppliers and timing belts are well supplied for any type of application. Imports are also readily available, with a large percentage coming from India. The results show that maintenance of V-belts is critical, as low quality V-belts and multi-wedge V-belts or lack of care for existing V-belts can lead to failures or breakdowns.

Tips for V-belt maintenance include not over-tensioning the belt, using a span sonic tension meter to accurately read and manage tension levels, and that all bolts around the V-belt should be adequately tightened. A belt lacking proper support, excessive lubrication on the bolts and excessive pulley wear can easily lead to failure. Belts can last a long time, up to 6 years, if effectively stored at the correct temperature. Humid environment.

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