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The Four Major Errors of The Use of Multi-wedge Belt, See If You Are?

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The multi-wedge belt is evolved on the basis of the triangular belt, the structure of the multi-wedge belt makes it have better flexibility in a small space and complex multi-axis transmission wheel, and it is easier to bend in the back of the belt, and it runs better in the modern structure of the compact engine, and has been more and more widely used.

With the development of industry, the use of multi-wedge belt environment has become more demanding, the use of some wrong methods in the process of greatly reducing work efficiency, the following for you to introduce how to avoid the use of errors:

Misunderstanding 1: The use of pipe rod skid


Consequences: The skeleton cord will be affected, which will cause a decrease in the strength of the belt.

Correct operation: First loosen the tensioning wheel, then put in the belt, and then tighten the tension that is suitable for the belt.

Mistake two: improper belt installation tension


Consequences: belt tension is too low, easy to slip, belt wear serious, transmission failure; The tension of the belt is too high, and the rope is easily separated from the rubber.

Correct operation: Fixed tension: fixed tension wheel 125N-150N/wedge, automatic tension wheel 65-85N/ wedge.

Mistake three: wrong slot installation


Consequences; During the installation of the belt, it is easy to install the belt wheel on the edge of the guard, causing the belt side to accelerate wear, the top tear and so on.

Correct operation: After the belt installation is completed, touch around the belt to prevent the belt installation dislocation.

Mistake four: the wheel does not meet


Consequences: the pulley is not coplanar, the shaft is not coplanar and the plane of the pulley is not coplanar, both of which will accelerate the wear of the belt and even cause the belt skeleton rope to pull out.

Correct operation: The misalignment of the wheel train is preferably < 0.5°

The above is the multi-wedge belt use errors encountered by Boshuo to share with you, I hope to help you. If you have questions about other aspects of the multi-wedge belt, welcome to call the official website hotline, we will have a dedicated customer service staff to answer you one by one.


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