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Working principle of toothed belt

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We all know that toothed belts are different from other belts in that they are toothed belts, and the working surface of synchronous toothed belts and the rim surface of pulleys are corresponding toothed shapes. The belt and meshing belt transmission mostly use thin steel wire ropes as the strong layer, and the centerline of the strong layer is determined as the pitch line of the belt.

toothed belts

The operation of Timing belt is compared with that of other ordinary belts, as follows:

1. The strong layer made of steel wire rope undergoes minimal deformation under load, and the circumference of the toothed belt remains basically unchanged. There is no relative sliding between the belt and the pulley, and the transmission ratio is constant and accurate;

2. The toothed belt is thin and lightweight, and can be used in situations with high speeds. When transmitting, the linear speed can reach 40m/s, the transmission ratio can reach 10, and the transmission efficiency can reach 98%.

3. Compact structure and good wear resistance; Due to the small pre tension, the bearing capacity of the shaft is also small.

Not only that, the manufacturing requirements for toothed belts are relatively high, and the installation accuracy of toothed belts is also very high, and strict center distance is also required. However, toothed belts can not only be used to transmit motion and power, but also for motion control systems for mechanism positioning.


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