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Why are synchronous belt belts widely used?

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There are various types of mechanical equipment on the market, and there are various types of mechanical equipment in the production and manufacturing industry. Many equipment have transmission mechanisms, and synchronous belt belts are used for transmission. The application of this transmission device is indeed very high. So what are the reasons why synchronous belt belts are widely used?

This is because the synchronous belt belt combines the advantages of various transmissions, achieving excellent transmission results without generating large noise, and has a wide transmission range. From the dynamic performance, the synchronous belt allows a line speed of 50M/S and a transmission power of several watts to hundreds of kilowatts. The transmission efficiency is higher, reaching 98%. The overall transmission structure is also very compact, suitable for multi Shaft-driven bicycle, and does not occupy much space in the equipment. In addition, synchronous belt transmission is adopted, which does not require lubrication and has no pollution issues. It can meet the transmission requirements that do not allow pollution and can also work normally in harsh working environments.

Because synchronous belt belts have excellent transmission effects in various transmission equipment, they have excellent performance in terms of functionality and can reach many application levels that other transmission belts cannot achieve. That's why synchronous belt belts are so widely used.



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