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Why Do So Many People Like Cogged V-Belts?

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With the arrival of the busy harvest season, many people started to prepare for the harvest and also started to stock up, one of which is the v-belt, one of the farm machinery accessories. As early as a few years ago, the v-belt is basically a wrapped v-belt, with the passage of time, the new cogged v-belt into the market, and also quite popular, why so many people now like cogged v-belt?

First, some key parts of the use of cogged v-belt effect is still better than the wrapped v-belt, cogged v-belt heat dissipation performance is better, in walking, roller, threshing and some other parts, the operation process generated more heat, the use of cogged v-belt can be timely heat dissipation, reducing the belt body damage due to high temperature.

Second, the phenomenon of following the wind. Now the network is more developed, but also produce some blindly follow the phenomenon, many people just heard that the cogged v-belt is good, think about trying, in fact, do not know that there are many exaggerated propaganda, and there are a lot of bad effects after the use of the belt is not aware of.

Third, think that the toothed belt can solve the problem of not losing rotation, in fact, it is not. We need to understand the reason why the v-belt loses its rotation, the reason why the v-belt loses its rotation is because the size is not suitable, and the v-belt is not necessarily linked to the toothed belt.


My view on toothed belt

  1. we need to understand the customer demand parts, that is, to understand the real needs of the user, is the need for better belts, or follow the trend that is good toothed belt. If it is a non-important part, at this time, the use of wrapped cloth is better, and can play a cushioning and protection role when critical. As for the toothed belt, due to the small expansion and contraction, the instantaneous high power transmission will cause the belt to suddenly break, which will cause some damage to other accessories such as bearings.

  2. we have to understand ourselves to lose the reason for the generation of rotation: the size is not suitable.

  3. aramid cord wrap cloth belt transmission power is also very adequate, the price is relatively low to the tooth type.


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