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What is a timing belt?

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What is a timing belt?

Part of the equipment that provides power to the engine

car timing belt

The timing belt is a belt used for normal engine operation. It is mainly used for old cars, and without this belt, the engine will not work properly.

The installation position is on the side of the engine. The timing belt box is installed at the timing belt connection. Therefore, even if you try to check it from the computer room, please remember that it is the part that cannot be checked.

The function of the timing belt

The function of the Timing belt is to adjust the timing of the crankshaft and camshaft. The power generated by the crankshaft is transmitted to the camshaft through the timing belt.

rubber timing belt

On the side of the engine, there is a circular pulley similar to a hook on the fan belt. By hooking each pulley, the rotation of the crankshaft and camshaft is connected.

The timing of the crankshaft and camshaft becomes very important during the basic operation of the engine, which is "intake → compression → combustion → exhaust".

If the timing is incorrect, it can cause engine failure, so we use a belt with a different shape from the fan belt to prevent timing deviation.

Using a "gear belt" like a caterpillar

The Timing belt uses a belt called "gear belt". Many people think of fan belts when they mention belts used in cars.

However, even with the same belt, the shape of the Timing belt is slightly different.

Firstly, there are three types of belts used in cars: "V-belts", "multi wedge belts", and "toothed belts". The most commonly used in today's cars is the multi wedge belt, which has several vertical grooves on the belt. In contrast, V-belts do not have grooves. When you cut the belt, it looks like a V.

In addition, there are many grooves on the side of the belt used for Timing belt. Imagine using a caterpillar on your feet, such as yumbo. From a side view, it would be easier to understand if it were imagined to be bumpy like a caterpillar.

The reason for using a different type of fan belt is that it requires never slipping. If it slides like a fan belt, the engine will start uncontrollably. Therefore, the Timing belt has a special shape.


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