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What are the reasons why the triangle belt is easy to heat?

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Triangle belt in use, due to various reasons will lead to its heating situation, not only affect the work of the triangle belt, but also shorten the service life.

Causes of triangle heat:

1. The triangle belt is too tight or improperly installed, which can easily cause it to lose elasticity, make the belt slip, lead to increased deformation, and make the triangle belt heat. Triangle belt is a very commonly used transmission parts in the industry, it is composed of four parts, covering cloth, top glue, tensile body and bottom glue, do not use material made of triangle belt effect is not the same.

2. The operating temperature of the triangle belt manufacturer is too high, and the friction generates heat, which is easy to make the surface temperature reach 50-60 degrees. It causes premature aging of the belt and decreases strength and elasticity, which is the cause of excessive temperature. For such cases, it is necessary to carry out an immediate inspection and replace the damaged belt immediately. The thickness has no relation to the length, and the distance of the belt pulley is adjusted according to the needs of the machine, thus determining the length of the triangle belt.

3, the model selection is not correct, should ensure that the replacement of the triangle belt and the original wheel groove model should be consistent, and the length of the replaced triangle belt and the original design requirements of the length is equal. If it is a joint drive, the replacement should pay attention to make the actual length of each triangle belt in the same group as close as possible, so that the force is uniform. Tightness Suitable for the tightness of the triangle tape. It is necessary to check and adjust it frequently to make it conform to the requirements. Too loose triangle belt is not only easy to slip, but also increase the deformation of the triangle belt, and even can not transmit power.


We triangle belt manufacturers know that triangle with different models, which according to the width and thickness of the triangle belt can be divided into A, B, C, D several different models, then the thickness here is mainly its role? First of all, we triangle belt manufacturers need to know. The key is to see the thickness and width of different types of belt will be matched with the corresponding belt pulley, the use of thickness and length has no relationship, according to the needs of the machine to adjust the distance of the belt pulley, thus determining the length of the belt on the one hand is the working principle of the triangle belt is driven by friction driven wheel work. The thickness direction is the friction surface, the greater the contact surface, the higher the efficiency. In addition, the strength layer is the skeleton of the V-shaped belt, which is used to withstand tensile stress during product transportation. Buffer glue plays the role of fixing the core of the belt, and can also absorb the dynamic stress reduction generated by the triangle belt at high speed.


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