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What are the advantages and disadvantages of each toothed belt and V-belt?

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1. The working surface of the toothed belt is made into a toothed shape, usually using a thin steel wire rope as a strong layer, and covered with polyvinyl chloride or chloroprene rubber outside. The centerline of the strong layer is designated as the nodal line of the strip, and the circumference of the strip line is the nominal length. The basic parameters of the band are the pitch p and the modulus m. The circumferential pitch p is equal to the dimension measured along the pitch line between the corresponding points of two adjacent teeth, with the modulus m=p/π. The synchronous toothed belt in China adopts a modulus system, and its specifications are based on modulus × bandwidth × Number of teeth representation.

2.The working surface of the V-shaped belt is made into a V-shaped shape, which is an endless circular tape made of a strong layer, an extension layer, a compression layer, and a wrapping layer. The strong layer is mainly used to withstand tensile force, and the stretching and compression layers play a stretching and compression role during bending. The function of the wrapping layer is mainly to enhance the strength of the tape. There are standard specifications for the cross-sectional dimensions and length of V-belts.

teethed v belt

The Application of Toothed Belt and V-belt

1. Toothed belts and V-belts are widely used in mechanical belt transmission, with simple structure, smooth transmission, buffering and vibration absorption, and the ability to transmit power between large shaft spacing and multiple shafts. They are also characterized by low cost, no need for lubrication, and easy maintenance.

2. The application form of toothed belt is Timing belt transmission, which is driven by meshing between the belt and the teeth on the pulley.

3.The application form of V-belt is a friction type belt transmission that relies on the friction between the belt and the pulley.

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