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Types of Belt Drives And How To Improve Efficiency

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In industry and commerce, one-third of electric motors use Belt Drives. However, some customers cannot take advantage of the potential energy cost savings of certain industrial belts because these costs are easily available and cost-effective. When pulleys control the speed of equipment, industrial belts are designed to position the motor relative to the load. High efficiency and low maintenance costs are key components of high-performance belt drive systems.


Belt drive type

V belt

V-belts are the most commonly used type in belt drives. The V-Belt with a trapezoidal cross-section creates a wedge effect on the pulley to increase friction and improve the power transmission of the belt.

Heavy objects usually require connections or multiple belts. After installation, the peak efficiency of the V-belt is 95% to 98%. Pulley size, driving torque, insufficient belt or excessive belt, impact efficiency of V-belt design and construction. If the belt slips because it is not re-tensioned regularly, the nominal efficiency of the V-belt will decrease over time by 93%, or 5%.

Toothed belt

These types of belt drives have slots that extend perpendicular to the length of the belt to help reduce the bending strength of the belt. The toothed belt and the V-belt use the same pulley, the working temperature is lower, the service life is longer, and the efficiency is 2% higher than that of the standard V-belt.

Synchronous belt

The efficiency of this type of belt drive is 98%, which can be maintained in a wide load range. These toothed belts need to be equipped with pairs of toothed drive sprockets. The timing belt requires less maintenance and re-tensioning, can run in a humid and greasy environment, and will not slip. Although the timing belt is the most efficient, it may generate noise, transmit vibration, and is not suitable for shock loads. For such applications, toothed belts are a better choice.

Quick tips for belt drives

Collect data about belt drive equipment, including working hours and productivity. Decide whether to replace the existing V-belt with a toothed belt or a timing belt and sprockets is a cost-effective solution for your application.

When installing new equipment, please consider using toothed belts or timing belts to improve belt drive efficiency. Compared with the inevitable future cost of traditional pulleys, the price premium is small.

Taking the time to consider whether you are using the right type of Industrial Beltcan bring huge benefits in terms of efficiency and maintenance costs.


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