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Types And History of The V-belt

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Wrapped cloth V-belt

V-belt can be divided into V-belt and V-belt according to the framework material structure. The service life and performance of V-belt can be greatly improved because of the advantages of reasonable structure, uniform force and small bending stress compared with the cord fabric. Advanced industrial countries as early as the 1960s has completed the replacement of V-belt structure wire rope polyester, China to the late 1990s began large-scale wrapping V-belt wire rope structural transformation. Cloth V-belt can also be divided into ordinary V-belt, narrow V-belt, automobile V-belt, hexagonal belt and variable speed V-belt for agricultural machinery according to its cross section shape and use requirements. Its structure is mainly composed of compression adhesive, strong layer tensile body, adhesive, stretch adhesive and cloth.


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Plain V-belt

Ordinary V-belt (triangle belt) is the main transmission belt product in China, producing more than 1 billion AM per year, accounting for more than 80% of V-belt output. In the 1970s, China used rayon cord fabric as the skeleton material, in the 1980s, ordinary V-belt began to use polyester cord fabric, in the early 1990s, the former Jiaxing Rubber Factory and Jiangsu Changshu Elephant Rubber Industry Co., LTD., and Taiwan Libai Company and Taiwan Elephant rubber Industry Co., LTD., after the joint venture production of wire wrap cloth V-belt, In China, the common V-belt has begun a comprehensive transformation of thread-based polyester.



In 1911, the V-belt invented by the American Gates was first used in cars to drive cooling fans, and in the 1970s, the cut V-belt appeared slowly to replace the wrapped V-belt, and was completely replaced by the cut V-belt and the multi-wedge belt in the 1980s.China was first produced for the import of auto parts in 1945, and the state-owned Shanghai Chemical plant in the 1950s was the first liberated-brand car in China according to the original Soviet standard. In the mid-1980s, some professional manufacturers of automobile and tractor V-belt and air pump belt in China cooperated with Nanjing Glass Fiber Research Institute (hereinafter referred to as Nanjing Glass Fiber Institute), successfully developed glass fiber cord strong layer fan belt and air pump belt, and put into mass production. After use, the user generally reflects that the glass fiber fan belt and air pump belt have high breaking strength, small elongation at break, large transmission power, long service life, and can travel 40,000 to 50,000 km under normal circumstances. Moreover, the use of glass fiber cord style fan strong layer can solve the problem of excessive elongation in the early process of use, to avoid the tape in use when slipping, until the end of the 1990s was completely replaced by polyester cord. At present, automobile V-belt is basically replaced by cutting edge V-belt and multi-wedge belt in our country.



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