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Tips for choosing V-belts for agricultural machinery

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Tips for choosing V-belts for agricultural machinery

What are the techniques for choosing V-belts for agricultural machinery?


Now farmers have more and more agricultural machinery, how to correctly use the installation and maintenance of the V-belt of agricultural machinery to avoid damage to the belt and bearings and affect the transmission speed, here are some correct selection, use and maintenance for friends The triangle method.

1. The model must match: the V-belt models we use include a, b, c, d, e, etc., and the selected belt should match the pulley of the agricultural machinery

2. Appropriate tension: Always check the tension of the belt during operation. Gently move the driven pulley by hand, and the belt can rotate without slipping, which proves that the tension is appropriate. Belts that are too tight or too loose will reduce service life, easily damage bearings, and reduce power.

3. Do not stain the belt with oil: V-belts are mostly made of multi-layer rubber and fiber threads. If the rubber is contaminated with diesel, gasoline, or engine oil, it is easy to corrode and cause delamination and deformation.

wrapped v belt

4. The wheel groove should be smooth: for newly purchased agricultural machinery, check whether the wheel groove is smooth before installation. If there is a burr, it must be smoothed with a file, otherwise the belt is easy to wear.

5. The model must be unified: agricultural machinery uses more than two V-belts at the same time, and the number of them cannot be reduced arbitrarily. They may be replaced at the same time during replacement. The model must be unified, otherwise, the stretched old belt or large belt will not work. Only a new belt or a small belt is stressed, which accelerates the wear of the belt and affects the transmission efficiency.


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