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Tips for Choosing A Good v-belt

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Incorrect installation and maintenance methods ofagricultural machine v-beltwill not only increase the damage to the belt and bearings, but also affect the transmission efficiency. How to correctly select, use and maintain the v-belt? Today, agricultural belt suppliers will tell you that you only need to do this "five essentials"!


1, The model must match:

There are many types of belts, the choice of belt needs to match the agricultural pulley. If you are not sure which model to choose, you can consult the v-belt supplier

2. The wheel groove should be flat:

For newly purchased farm machinery, check whether the wheel groove is flat and matches the belt section before installing the belt. Coarse pulley is easy to wear the belt.

3, The appropriate installation tension:

Often check the belt tension when running. Turn the passive pulley by hand, the belt does not slip, but the belt can produce elastic vibration when it moves, considered suitable for tensioning. Belt too tight or too loose will reduce the service life, too tight will damage the bearings, too loose will reduce the power output or even lead to premature wear and failure of the belt, adjust the tension spring so that the tension is in the appropriate tension range.


4, The belt can not be oiled:

V-belt mostly made of multi-layer rubber and fiber yarn. Gasoline, diesel, oil rubber pollution is likely to cause deformation and delamination, the belt will slip and premature failure in the course of operation.

5, The combination of use must be unified:

Some agricultural machinery while using more than two v-belts, can not arbitrarily reduce the number of v-belts. Maintenance and replacement must be replaced in the whole group, all belts have been fully tensioned. Otherwise, due to inconsistent belt length, the belt is too loose to work, the belt is too tight will accelerate damage, affecting transmission efficiency.

We hope the above five points will be helpful to you. In addition, the company also provides agricultural belts. If you need, please feel free to contact us.


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