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Three Warning Signs of V-Belt Premature Failure

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V-belts are the most common type of belts today, and as their name suggests, their cross-sectional shape comes in the form of a “V” and are widely used in industrial, automotive, commercial, agricultural, and home appliance applications. V-belt drive is a popular option to many as it is economical, easy to install and requires no lubrication. To ensure that your V-belts have a longer lifespan, it is important that you look out for the following warning signs of premature belt failure:

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1. Improper Seating of V-Belt on Sheave

The incorrect seating of V-belt installation is one of the red flags that can cause early damage to your belts. When the seating is too deep, it indicates that the belt section is too small or there is a worn sheave. When the seating is too high, the belt section may be too big.

2. Watch Out For Its Tension

During multiple belt application, having a big difference in the tension of each belt is another early sign of premature belt failure. There is a tension at which belt experiences its optimum service life. Anything above or below its tension results in a decrease in belt life.

3. Seeing Smoke During Operation

If you see burning during the belt drive process, do not panic. Smoking is an indication that there is a slip between the C-belt and sheave due to either a low belt tension or worn sheaves. When sheaves become worn, the sides of the sheave angle start to cup and have a concave appearance and the belt has less area contact with the sheave and slips.


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