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The Uses And Characteristics of Triangle Belt!

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Triangle belt, also known as V-belt, is one of the Transmission Belts with relatively large output, more varieties and wider applications. Since 1917, when the first automobile fan belt was manufactured in the United States and applied to industrial and agricultural machinery in the early 1920s, it has been very prosperous and developed rapidly for more than half a century. It has become the mainstream of transmission belt.

In the world's transmission belts, from the rubber consumption, the current V-Belt has accounted for more than 65%, toothed belt accounted for 25%, flat belt has dropped to less than 10%. At present, V-belt has become the main equipment for power transmission and variable speed of various mechanical equipment in the world. It is widely used in agricultural machinery, machine tools, automobiles, ships, office equipment and other fields, and is playing an increasingly important role.


V-belt generally refers to cloth covered V-belt. Since the 1960s, trimmed V-belts have appeared in order to improve the durability of transmission belts. In the 1980s, in order to solve the problem of lower transmission efficiency and service life caused by different lengths when multiple V-belts are driven in groups, V-belts with flat belts to fix multiple V-belts together were introduced.

The V-shaped flat belt, which is customarily called a combined V-belt, has a relatively large advantage. As a result, V-shaped flat belts have begun to replace cloth-trimmed V-belts. These V-belts combined with flat belts have special requirements for pulley grooves, but the belt body is thin, the contact area with the pulley is large, the bendability is good, and the pulley is reduced, allowing further miniaturization and energy saving of the drive, resulting in a rapid increase in production in developed countries around the world.


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