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The Function and Inspection of Automobile Transmission Belt

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The automotive transmission belt is a power transmission component of a car, which is an important component connecting the power and the motor parts of the car. It can be said that without it, the car cannot move. With the widespread application of automobiles, this component has also developed rapidly.

engine timing belt

The automotive transmission belt is a rubber product that forms a closed strip with a smooth outer surface and many regular toothed protrusions on the inner surface, playing a role in transmitting kinetic energy in the automotive engine. It is tightly attached to the two moving wheels of the engine. When the car engine starts, it turns one of the lifting wheels. Due to the meshing of the toothed protrusions on the inner side of the transmission belt with the toothed protrusions on the surface of the wheel, the transmission belt rotates with the gear as it rotates. At this point, another gear that is also engaged with the transmission belt rotates at the same speed under the drive of the transmission belt, in order to transmit the power generated by the engine through the transmission belt, causing this force to act on the machinery, thus driving the car. This is the function of the automotive transmission belt.

Automobile Transmission Belt

If cracks and peeling are found on the surface of the belt, or if the belt makes a sliding sound, it indicates that the belt may break and must be replaced immediately. If not replaced in a timely manner, once the belt breaks during driving, the vehicle will not be able to operate normally. During the spring and autumn seasons, it is important to focus on checking the belt for signs of aging and cracking. If there are any, it should be replaced immediately, otherwise it will cause you incalculable losses. Be careful not to splash oil onto the belt when adding engine oil, as it may cause the belt to slip and even age prematurely.


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