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Regular inspection of car belt maintenance is crucial

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There are definitions for automotive engine belt wear and aging prevention in automotive maintenance. It is rare to have a single belt at the front end of the definition machine, and each belt bears the primary result.

rubber timing belt

On the proposed machine, various auxiliary machines are driven through belt drives, such as the air conditioner's shrinking machine, power steering oil pump, AC generator, etc. Assuming the belt breaks, or there may be slipping, it will cause the relevant auxiliary equipment to lose its function or decrease its function, and then affect the normal operation of the car. The method of reflection on belts is very simple. Firstly, reflect on the tension of the belt. At this point, you can use your thumb to forcefully press the belt between the two pulleys. Assuming a pressure of about 10kg and a belt reduction of about 10mm, the belt tension is considered suitable. Assuming excessive reduction, it is considered that the tension of the belt is lacking. Assuming that the belt has almost no reduction, it is considered that the tension of the belt is too high. When there is a lack of tension, the belt can easily slip. When the tension is too high, it is easy to damage the bearings of various auxiliary machines.

car timing belt

To achieve this, relevant adjusting nuts or bolts should be loosened to adjust the tension of the belt to the best shape. In addition, car maintenance must also pay attention to the wear and tear of the belt. The old belt is severely worn, resulting in a sharp reduction in the contact area between the belt and pulley. At this point, just press the belt hard and the belt will sink deeply into the groove of the pulley. There is also an aging issue with the rubber of the belt. Assuming that the rubber of the belt is seriously aging, it is necessary to replace it with a new belt in a timely manner. A car engine is the brain of a car, and if the engine breaks down, it means that a car is useless. Cars have to run on the road every day, and over time, it may cause wear or aging of the engine belt. Therefore, car owners generally need to start checking the belt after a period of time to avoid unnecessary trouble. Pay attention to and handle these details well, so that you won't stumble on the road.


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