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Method of Detecting The Temperature of The Triangle Belt to Ensure The Safe Operation of The Equipment

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Many important equipment in the cement plant are driven by V-Belts, such as Roots blowers and Fuller pumps. Due to the continuity of the production process of the new dry cement production line, higher requirements are also put forward for the continuous and stable operation of mechanical equipment, especially in the clinker firing stage. The operating status of these equipment is directly related to the operating rate of the kiln and the output of clinker, so it is very important to grasp the status of the V-belt on these equipment.

If the V-belt is too loose or slippery during operation, it will wear out too quickly, heat or even burn out, which will shorten its service life. However, since these equipments are related to the operation of the kiln, these equipments in operation cannot be stopped for inspection. If the problems with the V-belt can be found in time, and countermeasures and preparations are made in advance, unnecessary shutdown of the kiln caused by the V-belt can be reduced.


In order to solve this problem, through long-term observation and summary, the V-Belt Supplier has found a way to check the V-belt in operation, which is to judge by measuring the surface temperature of the V-belt with an infrared thermometer. Under normal operation, the surface temperature of the V-belt is relatively stable, generally not exceeding 60°C, and there is no big difference in the surface temperature of the V-belt of each device.

By measuring and recording these data, the temperature value of the triangle belt under normal conditions is grasped. But if the V-belt of a certain device is too loose, slipping or other abnormal phenomena, its surface temperature will be significantly higher than the normal temperature, which can reach 80℃ or even higher. If the situation is more serious, you can even smell rubber odor. For example, the inspectors have measured a temperature close to 100°C during a daily temperature inspection of the V-belt. As a result, the V-belt began to break within a few minutes. This shows that the higher the surface temperature of the V-belt, the greater the possibility of fracture, and the fracture will inevitably occur when it approaches a certain limit. Because different brands of triangle belts use different materials and different quality, the temperature that can withstand and the extreme temperature resistance are also different. This requires companies to measure and record this for a long time in actual production to find out the law.

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