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Is a regular wrap V-belt the same as a regular V-belt?

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Ordinary fabric V-belts are a type of conveyor belt widely used in mechanical and industrial transportation. Some people may ask, 'I know that ordinary V-belts are only two words wrong, are they the same thing?'? To be honest, I also had this question when I first heard it. Next, let's answer everyone's questions.

Courroie trapézoïdale enveloppée

Ordinary wrap V-belt

Ordinary V-belts are a common type of V-belt. The wedge angle is 40, and the Elevation (the ratio of belt thickness to belt width) is about 0.7. It is composed of covering layer, stretching rubber layer (top glue), strength layer (tensile layer), buffer layer and compression layer (bottom glue), and is mainly used for various power transmission in industry and agriculture.

Baobu V-belt is a widely used conveyor belt for mechanical and industrial purposes. The wrapped V-belt comprises a core layer and a wrapped layer coated on the outer surface of the core layer. The core layer from the bottom to the top successively comprises a bottom adhesive layer, a viscose layer, a polyester hard wire rope and a buffer adhesive layer made of fiber film. The fiber film comprises natural rubber, Styrene-butadiene, Neoprene and recycled rubber, antioxidant, stearic acid, magnesium oxide, carbon black, softener, staple fiber, zinc oxide, filler and accelerator.

Ordinary wrapped V-belts have advantages such as high strength, low elongation, small assembly tolerance, and fatigue resistance of over 10 ^ 7.


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