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How to read the type of industrial v-belt?

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At present, industrial belts are widely used, from large to industrial mines, enterprises, ships, small to daily tricycles, tractors, etc., as long as the transmission of industrial devices, most of them need belts to transmit power. And nowadays, more and more young, many customers do not know how to see the industrial belt model? And what are the differences between them?


Industrial belt models can be roughly divided into two types, one is the ordinary industrial belt, there are O, A, B, C, D, 3V, 5V, 8V and so on models, the other is a narrow V belt, there are SPZ, SPA, SPB, SPC these four models. Generally speaking, there are numbers and letters attached to the industrial belts you buy, where the letters represent the model number of the belt, and the numbers represent the specifications of the belt, i.e. the length. For example, the industrial belt B1500, the letter B means the belt is B type, and 1500 is the length of the belt.

Of course, different models of industrial belts, they also have certain differences, the most basic is the cross-sectional area is different. Each model of industrial belt has its corresponding cross-sectional area, for example, the top width of type A industrial belt is 13mm and thickness is 8mm; the top width of type B industrial belt is 17MM and thickness is 10.5MM; the top width of type C industrial belt is 22MM and thickness is 13.5MM; the top width of type D v-belt is 21.5MM and thickness is 19MM, etc.


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