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How to maintain the triangular belt in hot weather?

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The triangular belt on agricultural machinery is a vulnerable component that needs to be well maintained during use, especially in the summer when high temperatures continue. If maintenance is not done properly, it is easy to damage the triangular belt. Below, we will introduce how to maintain the triangular belt in hot summer weather.


1. Regularly clean the wheel groove components

The triangular belt needs regular cleaning and maintenance during use.

2. Check if the tension of the triangular belt is appropriate

During use, the tension of the V-belt also needs to be adjusted regularly. If the tension is too low, it will cause the V-belt to fail. If it is too tight, it will accelerate the wear of the V-belt and also cause an increase in bearing load.

3. Daily observation

Strictly monitor the operation of the triangular belt during use, check for any abnormal vibrations, and carefully listen for any abnormal noise.

4. Oil contamination cleaning

Once the triangular belt is contaminated with oil during use, it should be cleaned promptly with soap and water. Be sure to use warm water instead of cold or hot water for cleaning. Cleaning agents such as alkaline water can be used for cleaning, and attention should be paid not to work with oil.


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