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How to Store The Triangle Belt?

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After the autumn harvest season is over, whether it is the operator or the V-belt supplier, there may be such a problem: How to store my spare V-belt or inventory V-belt? The Agricultural Belt Supplier will tell you how to store the triangular belt today.

1.Dry and cool environment, avoid sunlight. When the V-belt is stacked on the shelf, the stack should be small to prevent the V-belt below from being distorted. This is also the case with the packaging box.

2. Unless the packing box is used, the V-Belt cannot be stored directly on the ground. Easy to get damp. With high humidity, the triangle belt is prone to mold. Although it will not cause serious damage to the V-belt, it should be avoided.

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v belt

3. Do not get too close to the window (light/humidity).

4. Keep away from heat sources (heat sinks, etc.).

5. Keep away from devices that easily produce ozone.

6. Keep away from volatile solvents or other chemical substances.

7. Pay attention to the minimum bending diameter of the V-belt. If the V-belt is under a small bending diameter, it should be wrapped on a round bar to avoid bending sharp angles.

8. The most ideal temperature condition is 5 degrees to 30 degrees, and the humidity is lower than 70%, the performance of the V-belt should be relatively stable for a certain period of time. The storage temperature cannot be higher than 46 degrees.

9. If the equipment is shut down for a long time (6 months), the tension of the V-belt must be relaxed, and it is best to remove the V-belt and store it separately.

The above is about the storage of the triangle belt. Of course the company also provides Rubber Tracks, please feel free to contact if necessary


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