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How to Extend The Service Life of Industrial Belts

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With the deepening of industrialization and intelligence, industrial v-belts as the main parts of machinery are being paid more and more attention to, and the use efficiency and life of industrial belts are becoming a link that cannot be ignored. Then how can we extend the service life of industrial belts?

Generally speaking, the service life of industrial belts is reduced for two reasons: one is that industrial belts are rubber products, which are perishable parts and will inevitably be damaged by wear and tear during normal operation; another is that they are improperly stored, which can be avoided. Today BOSHUO Rubber will talk with you about how to store and use industrial belts better so as to extend their service life and reduce the cost of repeated purchases.


  1. Industrial belts and pulleys should be kept clean, and oil and water are strictly prohibited.

  2. When the industrial belt is installed, the transmission system should be checked. Whether the drive shaft and drive pulley are perpendicular; whether the drive shaft is parallel to each other; whether the drive pulley is on a plane, if not, it should be adjusted.

  3. It should be stored in an environment between 15-40 degrees Celsius, with humidity kept between 50%-80%.

  4. During storage and transportation, it should avoid direct sunlight or rain and snow, keep clean and prevent contact with acid and alkali oil and organic solvents and other substances that affect the quality of industrial belts.

  5. Avoid deformation of the belt by excessive weight during storage, prevent mechanical wear and tear, and do not bend and squeeze too much.

  6. When installing the industrial belt, do not use tools or external force to apply force directly to the belt.


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