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How to Choose the Rubber Belt?

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Today the rubber belt factory will introduce the matters need attention when you choose the rubber belt for your machine.

1. The necessary manufacturing qualities for high-quality rubber belt?

A. Upward durability (high durability rubber)


The use environment of the rubber track is quite harsh. Due to trauma, water and sand will penetrate into the track, and the core iron and steel wire are easy to rust, which will cause the steel wire to break and the core iron to fall off.

Design requirements:

In harsh environments, it can develop high-performance rubber that is wear-resistant, prevents trauma and lack of material, to protect the core iron and steel wire, and realize the long life of the rubber belt and the comfort of riding.

B. Anti-rust upward (anti-rust steel wire)


When the surface of the track is deeply scratched, water and sand will be immersed in it. If it takes a long time, the steel wire will corrode and cause the phenomenon of fracture.

Design requirements:

It is necessary to improve the rust resistance of the steel wire so as to suppress the decrease in strength and prevent the phenomenon of breakage.

C. Prevent derailment


Derailment refers to the phenomenon that the rubber belt falls off the guide rail when it is running. Re-assembling the track will waste time and man-hours. If the tension is too large, it may cause fatal failures such as breakage.

Design requirements:

In order to improve the derailment resistance of the combine harvester, a special design scheme is required for the core iron. As shown by the mark ③ in the figure above, the adjacent core iron can well restrain the lateral movement due to the protrusion of the high tooth part, and avoid the derailment of the machine during operation.


Rubber Belt

2. The main influence of the crawler on the use of the harvester:

A. In the harvesting operation, the derailment of the rubber belt will not only seriously damage the core iron and rubber, but also greatly shorten the service life of the crawler, and may even cause the deformation and damage of the crawler guide and tensioning mechanism;

B. The weight and pattern structure of the track have a greater impact on the fuel consumption of the machine: an increase in weight will increase the fuel consumption of the machine;

C. In the wheat field or rice field, the soil is soft, and the working environment for replacing the crawler is poor, which is easy to cause safety accidents. The main requirements for track replacement:

① When replacing the crawler, the machine needs to be moved to a flat field.

② Raise the header to the highest position and place the safety lock of the header in the (locked) position to prevent the header from falling.

③ Use a jack to jack up the harvester so that the track is about 10cm away from the ground.

3. During the season, the cost calculation of a track replacement in the field:

Take the replacement time of the user-provided rubber belt as an example:

In the harvesting season, the actual time consumed to replace a crawler in the field is about 3 to 5 hours (including the preparation of the crawler tool, the cleaning of the tensioning mechanism, the handling of the crawler, the disassembly and debugging of the crawler, etc.).

User loss after replacing a crawler: about 600-1000 yuan/time.

4. The main standards of high-quality crawlers from rubber belt factory:

A. With industry-leading manufacturing technology;

B. The product quality is stable and durable;

C. Have a complete sales and service network.

For more detalis about the belt, please ask BOSHUO. So we can assist you! Have a look at on your own as well as compose your own opinion.


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