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How much do you know about car belts? Come in and learn

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As an important component in the operation of a car, the car belt is connected to various components. Belts are rubber products that may wear or age with the increase of working time. Therefore, belts are generally replaced at a specified time. According to the standards of domestic vehicles, the engine belt and belt accessories must be replaced when a typical vehicle has traveled 60000 to 100000 kilometers.

rubber timing belt

Car belts distribute motor belts and timing belts.

The generator belt, also known as the accessory belt, is connected to the generator, air conditioning compressor, booster pump, pulley, tensioner, and crankshaft pulley. The power source is the crankshaft pulley, and the rotation of the crankshaft is driven by the belt to drive the operation of other components. What are the consequences of a broken generator belt? Firstly, it broke down. The generator driven by the engine belt no longer generates electricity, and the booster pump no longer provides power, so the car will not start. Before the generator belt breaks, it will make a creaking sound, indicating that the belt is slipping or a certain part is rubbing against the belt. Before the belt ages and breaks, some cracks will appear, and the grooves of the belt will become shallow.

car timing belt

The function of the timing belt is to serve as a connecting link between the upper part of the engine cylinder head and the lower part of the crankshaft. To facilitate the intake and exhaust valves of the engine, so that they can be opened or closed at appropriate times to ensure the normal intake and exhaust of the engine cylinders. The timing belt is a consumable item. When the timing belt breaks, the camshaft stops timing operation, which is highly likely to cause serious damage due to valve and piston impact., So the timing belt needs to be replaced according to the original factory specified time or mileage.

In fact, overall, the timing belt is more important. If it is broken, the engine must be overhauled and replaced on time; Rupture of the accessory belt will not harm the vehicle and may result in anchoring. Both timing belts and engine belts should be replaced on time to avoid further trouble.


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