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How do you identify V belts?

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Now you know the functions of the V-Belts while recognizing the need for one, it’s time to know how to correctly identify which V-Belt you need for your rotary power transmission when the belt is broken or no longer labeled.

Identify the Cross Section

V-Belt cross sections can be identified by their top width and depth dimensions. For example, a V-Belt with a top width of 12.7mm and a height of 10mm is a “SPA” belt. Alternatively, you can also use V-Belt and Ribbed belt sheave measurement tools provide a quick and easy way to quickly identify the correct profile or power transmission drive wear problem.

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Establish if the V-Belt is Wrapped or Notched Style

V-Belts have smooth and notched surfaces. Unlike the timing belts, the notches are not like teeth and unlike chains, the cogs cannot go inside the belt. The notches merely provide further traction. When you identify if the belt has notches, this will change the code you need to identify the new belt. A belt with notches will have an added ‘X’ in the identifier code. For example. If you need a V-Belt in size C but it requires notches, the prefix would change to CX.

Find the Length of the V-Belt

You can use our Optibelt Measuring Gauge for measuring inner lengths of V-Belts, timing belts and ribbed V-Belts.


Alternatively, if you have the original belt to hand, the length needed for the new belt can be easy to find. Simply do this by using a measuring tape to know the outside length of the belt.


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