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Development and Application of Automobile Timing belt Technology

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In recent years, due to climate issues, environmental protection awareness has penetrated into the automotive manufacturing industry, and energy conservation, emissions, and noise are important considerations for the development of the automotive industry. How to effectively improve fuel utilization and reduce exhaust emission pollution has always been the main goal of the automobile manufacturing industry. These technological advances have correspondingly improved the performance requirements of automobile parts, and the same is true of automobile Timing belt. In order to adapt to our data changes, some Timing belt manufacturers have made some improvements to the automobile Timing belt, so that the performance of the automobile Timing belt has been improved.

auto timing belt

Timing belt is an important part of the automobile manufacturing industry. It can be said that many technological progress and research and development of Timing belt are closely related to the development of the automobile industry. For example, the invention of V-belt, trimming V-belt, multi wedge belt and the rapid development of Timing belt, and the application of hydrogenated nitrile rubber in Timing belt, multi wedge belt and other aspects are all to adapt to the latest technical requirements of the automobile industry and develop rapidly.


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