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Characteristics of triangular V-belts made of different materials

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Ordinary rubber triangular V-belts are generally composed of a covering layer, an extension layer (top glue), a strength layer (tensile layer), and a compression layer (bottom glue). The selected model should be compatible with the selected triangular V-belt, otherwise the triangular V-belt may experience abnormal situations in the pulley groove. When switching to a triangular V-belt, it is best to bring the old belt to the agricultural machinery department for purchase to prevent the wrong model.

v belt

Application characteristics of triangular belts:

  1. The structure is simple, the manufacturing and installation accuracy requirements are not high, and the use and maintenance are convenient. It is suitable for occasions with large central positions of two axes.

  2. v belt

2. Smooth transmission, low noise, and has a cushioning and vibration absorption effect.

3. When overloaded, the transmission belt will slip on the pulley, which can prevent damage to weak parts and provide safety protection.


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