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Automotive Knowledge Sharing - Transmission Belt

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We can easily see many transmission belts under the hood. As more and more equipment and systems are added to cars, belt systems have become very common in the modern automotive industry. But why do we need those belts? These belts are designed to use engine crank power to operate different engine systems, such as air conditioning, water pumps, etc.

We can find two types of drive belts:

Timing belt

ribbed belts

auto timing beltv ribbed belt

Timing belt

In order to open and close the intake and exhaust valves at the correct crankshaft timing, the timing belt is used to connect the crankshaft and camshaft. The rotational speed of the camshaft is half that of the crankshaft, because in a 4-stroke engine, the intake and exhaust valves only open once every two crankshaft rotations. The timing belt is a key component of the engine. If the timing belt malfunctions, the valve will open and close at the wrong time, which may eventually cause the valve to come into contact with the piston and cause serious engine damage. In order to extend the service life of the timing belt, it is usually protected by a timing cover, which means it is difficult to visually inspect the condition of the timing belt. The factory always sets the timing belt inspection interval in the service manual. Please take the vehicle to your trusted repair garage and strictly follow the inspection time listed in the service manual. Most timing belt designs require replacement every 60000 to 80000 kilometers.

Multi wedge V-belt

They are used to link other systems that do not require synchronization with the crankshaft. The system includes: air conditioning, water pump, booster, AC generator, steering pump, etc. The thicker design of the serpentine belt is to provide more operating space for the pulley, thereby reducing slip and allowing the belt system to operate using only one serpentine belt. Most of the old triangular belts were replaced after 1990 because it limited the use of multiple triangular belts in the system, as one belt can only connect one or two accessories. The serpentine belt is easier to visually inspect, making it easier for you to detect and identify problems.

If you hear a harsh noise from the engine compartment, it's time to check your belt system.


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