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Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of triangular belts

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With the continuous improvement of technological level and the advent of the era of mechanization, enterprises have replaced manual production with mechanization in order to save costs, thereby driving the development of the transmission industry.

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Transmission refers to the transmission of power between machines, which means that mechanical power is transmitted to terminal devices through intermediate media. There are many kinds of transmission belts: light conveyor belt, V-belt, Timing belt, etc. What I am sharing with you this time is the triangular belt.

The appearance of a V-belt is a triangle, similar to the letter "V", so it is also known as a V-belt. It has two structures: cord core and rope core, which are composed of four parts: wrap, top rubber, tensile body, and bottom rubber. It is a product with a large output, a wide variety, and a wide range of uses in the transmission belt.


The advantages of triangular belts include:

1. The structure of the triangular belt is relatively simple, and its manufacturing process and installation accuracy requirements are not high.

2. The use of triangular belts is relatively simple and easy to maintain, and can be used in situations where the center distance between two axles is relatively large.

3. The triangular belt can transmit smoothly and generate low noise during operation. The belt body has good elasticity and can play a buffering and vibration absorption role.

4. The triangular belt may experience overload and slip on the pulley during transmission, which serves as a safety protection and prevents damage to weak parts in the transmission device.

The disadvantages of triangular belts are:

1. The overall size of the triangular belt is relatively large, and its rotational efficiency is also relatively low.

2. The accurate transmission ratio of the V-belt cannot be guaranteed during transmission.


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