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50-100000 km, multiple materials, short construction period and stable quality
 Lots of different models spark plugs are available:
90919-01164 K16RU11 22401-1P116 PFR6G11
90919-01166 K20R-U 22401-50Y06 BKR6E-11
90919-01176 K16R-U 22401-20J06 BKR6E
90919-01178 PK20R11 22401-5M015 PLFR5A-11
90919-01184 K20R-U11 22401-8H515 LFR5A-11
90919-01191 SK20HR11 22401-ED71B FXE20HE11
90919-01192 K16TR11 22401-ED815 LZKAR6AP-11
90919-01235 K20HR-U11 22401-EW61C FXE22HR11
90919-01194 PK20TR11 22401-JA01B DILKAR6A-11
90919-01198 K20TR11 22401-JD01B FXE20HR11
90919-01210 SK20R11 22401-1P114 PFR4G-11
90919-01233 SK16HR11 22401-AA570 PFR5B-11
90919-01217 SK16R11 22401-AA630 ILFR6B
90919-01240 SK16R11 22401-AA670 SILFR6A