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Types of Automobile Belts

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The function of the car belt

Car belts are also called car transmission belts. Its main function is power transmission. The drive belt on the car is responsible for driving the movement of all components. If it breaks, the car won't move.

Classification of car belts

There are three common types of belts on cars: V-belts, poly-V belts, and timing belts.

poly v beltsauto timing belt

car belt installation location

In automotive applications, it is mainly installed in automotive engine crankshaft cams, water pumps, generators, air conditioning compressors, power steering pumps and other locations.

car belt structure

The V-belt consists of three parts: upper cloth, tension thread and lower glue.

The V-belt is similar to the V-belt and consists of three parts: top fabric, tension thread and bottom rubber;

The main difference between the two is: the surface of the multi-V belt is composed of multiple V-ribbed belts, wide and thin so that it has a greater degree of flexibility when surrounded by smaller drive wheels so that the V-ribbed belt (MICRO-V) can be Transmission power "serpentine" drive unit. Such transmission means may drive the plurality of transmit power engine accessories.

Timing belt structure: upper glue plus fiber, tension line, lower glue. Tension cords are made of very strong fiberglass. The bottom layer of the timing belt is composed of precision cast die teeth.

Belt storage method

While timing belts are strong, they are fragile and fragile. If the timing belt bends too much in either direction, the fiberglass can easily break. Therefore, the timing belt should not be stored randomly, but should be packed and sealed in the box until it is installed.

How to check the belt

First check the drive belt select the longest unsupported span Moderate pressure is applied to the middle belt tension with your thumb, if the belt reduction is about 10 mm, the belt tension is just right. If the belt tension is too high, or too loose, it may cause the sliding gear drive to be incomplete. Adjust the belt tightly so that the belt will be easily stretched and deformed, but it will accelerate the wear of the pulleys and bearings. For this purpose, the relevant adjustment nuts or bolts should be loosened, and the belt tension is adjusted to the optimum state.

How to make many parts of a car move together in an orderly manner? We are relying on the function of the drive belt! If the seat belt is faulty, our car cannot go forward. Since the engine drives various auxiliary mechanisms through belt transmission, such as air-conditioning compressors, power steering pumps, alternators, etc., if the belt slips or is disconnected, the relevant auxiliary mechanisms will not work normally, affecting the normal use of the car. Therefore, it is necessary to check the transmission belt regularly.


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